Wifi Radiation - How to Stay Safe *updated*

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Like many people Lloyd Burrell loves gadgets.  But some gadgets are dangerous. Lloyd feels people need to know the truth about EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures from certain devices. When cell phone use compromised his health, he decided to share his story and set up ElectricSense.

Although WIFI is something that we take for granted, and something many of us have in our homes, is it really safe? In this episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss how WIFI exposures may affect your sleep, your weight, and your health.


WIFI means “wireless fidelity” and it allows people to connect their internet-ready devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones to the internet without the use of cables or wires. Tune in now to hear Lloyd explain how these wireless connections can affect health, including:

  • physical health symptoms from exposure to WIFI (radio frequency radiation)
  • how WIFI radiation affects everything from fertility to cancer growth
  • specific examples of WIFI-related health issues from around the world

You will not want to miss Lloyd and Kimberly’s discussion about WIFI in schools. They talk about the difference between exposure to children versus exposure to adults, and what organizations like the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the LA Teacher’s Union have to say about the issue!

CLICK HERE for more and also to listen to the podcast.

2 comments to Wifi Radiation - How to Stay Safe *updated*

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