Funny Apologies

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Thanks to Mr TSK who shared this post which I am posting solely for laughs with no intention to make racial slurs or whatever.

Japan Tokyo
A man accidentally tore a girl’s short miniskirt in Tokyo. Before he had a chance to apologize, the girl did a 90 degree bow, and said: “I am sorry to give you trouble! The quality of my skirt is not good.” Then she took out a pin, put the skirt back together and left.

New York, Time Square
A man accidentally tore a girl’s miniskirt. Before he had a chance to react, the woman pulled out a business card and gave it to him saying : “This is my lawyer’s card. He will contact you about this sexual harassment. Better you prepare yourself, then we will see you in court.”

Paris, France
A French man accidentally tore a girls’ miniskirt. Before he opened his mouth, the young girl said with a smile: “If you do not mind, a red rose can represent your apology.” The French man bought her a rose, then they went to a bar, and lastly went to a hotel discussing what was in the miniskirt .

Thames, England
In the Church Square by Thames, an English man accidentally tore the mini skirt of a young lady. Before he could open his mouth, the young lady covered her torn spot, then said with a blush on her face: “Do you mind taking me home sir? I live very close by…” The English man took his jacket off, put it on her shoulders, called a cab and took her home safely.

China, Chong Qing, China:
A man accidentally cut open the miniskirt of a young lady. Before the man could say anything, the young lady slapped the guy and shouted. “You, sex maniac. Dare to take advantage of me, I will make sure you go to the labor camp…”

Taiwan Shimending
A man accidentally tore a girl’s short miniskirt. Before the guy could say a word, the girl smiled and said: “We have not settled on the price yet, and you want to inspect the merchandise?”

On the street of Yinchong, a man accidentally tore a girl’s miniskirt. Before the speak, the girl gave him a round kick, then said: “Don’t you know that I have a second degree black belt in Tai Kwan Dao.”

Bangkok, Thailand
A man accidentally tore the miniskirt of an 18 years old girl. Before the man could apologize, the girl said with a Buddha hand gesture: “No worries honey, ……we are all men .”

And in India
A man accidentally tore the miniskirt of a girl. Before he could say anything, Barkha Datt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami pounced on him and accused him of attempted rape and started panel discussion on what to do with him.

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