Lessons from my Autistic Son - A Malaysian experience

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In 2009, I featured an inspirational piece on 'The Daffodil Principle' at THIS LINK. Yesterday, a blog reader who has been following my blog for a long time sent me the following email in response to that story. I am sharing it with readers today (with his kind and gracious consent).

Parenting is one of the most difficult responsibilities in the world and it takes great courage, love and patience to be a good parent. I know this reader is an exemplary father from the years of correspondence I have shared with him. He has infused my life with godly wisdom, caring comments and sincerity. I have never met him but my husband has met him on a few occasions. Thank you, dear Mr LYK for your inspiring and exemplary life. God bless you and all parents reading this.

From the heart of a loving father...

Dear friends,

I as born in 1958, the same year the lady in the story started to plant her daffodil garden. . . . .  

I wanted to start a dynasty - a dynasty of achievers, excellent in mathematics & sciences, schooled in philosophy, logic, complemented with the quiet spiritual wisdom of the ancients, etc, etc. . God bless me with a son.  Some 4 years later, we found that he was autistic.  The humble beginnings of my real learning as a child of God begins . . . . 
Lessons from my Autistic Son

The despair that I experience

The hurt that I go through

The frustration that I encounter

The burden that I carry

The disappointment that I endure

 Are no match for the joy and blessings that I received in return

 For you taught me ….

 To give unconditional love

To be more giving

To be more patient

To be more tolerant

To be more caring

To realize what matters most in my life

To treasure the simple things in life

To not take things for granted

To be grateful for the things that I possess

To listen more than what word can convey

To have more empathy for others

To value virtue of charity

To realize that I have a choice in responding to events around me

And it finally dawned on me

That despite all the trials and tribulations

I can still have faith, hope and blessing

I can still live a life that is enriching and fulfilling

Thank you, my son

Thank you for your patience.

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