Meaningful Conversations

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Is your conversation adding value to someone else’s life… or are you just talking to hear yourself talk?

How many times do you find yourself in a conversation that has absolutely no merit? You know the ones I’m talking about…

The ones that begin with, “Girl, did you hear” or “Don’t tell anyone, but…”

These types of conversation offer no value to your life or to anyone else’s. You have a right NOT to be a part of negative conversations that tend to do more harm than good!

Meaningful conversations, on the other hand, have a significant impact on your life and your relationships.

Are You Having a Conversation or Just Talking?

Although conversations are plentiful, unfortunately, many of these are merely talking and not true conversation.

Webster’s Dictionary provides one definition of talking as, “to speak emptily or trivially: chatter.” You can undoubtedly recognize those people who demonstrate this definition…

When you talk to them, all you hear back is “Blah, blah, blah!”

Conversation, on the other hand, is defined as “verbal exchange of ideas or opinions.”

You want to maximize your conversation to end up being meaningful — if you value your time and aim at being productive and contributory.

Keep Your Conversations On Track

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