Chicken Nuggets? Think again!

Posted by M ws On Saturday, October 12, 2013 1 comments
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Stand-up comedians have long joked that some things, like the actual components of chicken nuggets, are better left mysterious.

Recently, Mississippi researchers found out why: two nuggets they examined consisted of 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissue, the breast or thigh meat that comes to mind when a customer thinks of "chicken."

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1 comments to Chicken Nuggets? Think again!

  1. says:

    Shakirin Al-Ikram Morning, you telling me - two days ago I saw how nuggets were made. The presenters themselves, simulated puking and gagging as they saw the reel unfolding!
    I pray the nuggets, hotdogs and tempura our local makers produced are mindful of the `halal' pre-requisites apart from cleanliness, meat compositions and all.
    Tendons, bones and eyeballs are certainly not edible but NOT components acceptable by Muslims!
    The presenters condemned these unscrupulous manufactcurers for their downright despicable actions. Now we need to clean all tins and bottle tops, bought from shops to prevent contamination from rat pee/poo.
    Thanks to You (and Angela) we have to swear off a good number of other suspicious foods! Keep up the good work.
    Have a good hols, long weekend for Muslims who Raya Haji!
    Wish them a safe `balik kampung' journey!

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