Taking Stock and Making Resolutions

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I spent the past two weeks vomiting, belching and lying in bed. It was a horrible experience. At one point, I really felt the end was near as I could hardly get up to throw up. It was so bad that I could not keep anything - not even water. Imagine my hunger and dehydration! My record for this bout is 20 vomiting episodes in one hour. In fact, my doctor prepared a letter of admission as he said my case required admission and a few tests. Thankfully, I am much better now. Thanks to relatives, FB friends, readers YK, SK, CS and Shakirin for their advice and concern.

To take stock of my situation, I went for a medical test to see if what I read up last weekend would have any value. One of the things I learnt was the insidious nature of heavy metals in our bodies and the effect of exposure to laptops/hand phones and gadgets.

When I collected my results, I was aghast with absolute horror! After posting many articles on the dangers of laptop radiation, I thought I was absolved from all 'sin' as I only go online in the daytime and never surf the net at night. I had even deleted many email addresses (please note that write to mws at hush dot ai is now deleted) in an effort to simplify my life as I hardly ever check emails. When I told my doctor I did not want to go through CAT-scan (computerised tomography) because of fear of radiation exposure, he grinned and said my exposure to laptop radiation in my lifetime was many times worse than taking a CAT/CT scan. Little did I know how he had hit the bull's eye.

Staring at the medical report which showed how my radiation level was ten times above accepted levels, I resolved to change my diet and lifestyle and to be online only two hours a day in four sessions i.e. a maximum of thirty minutes a day. Indeed this is a far cry from blogging mania days when I used to be online as long as I am at home. I also resolved not to whatsapp as much as touching the android phone means continual exposure to unnecessary radiation.

As I had read extensively about how we are exposed to heavy metal pollution in the type of food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink, I never expected such a high level of arsenic in my body.

Holy arsenic!!

But alas, it was.

I finally understood why I often have nausea and vomiting, abnormal heart rhythms and pins and needles sensation in the hands and feet.

Seriously, my imaginative mind went into overdrive thinking per chance my husband was poisoning me!! The truth of the matter is that after seeing my results, my husband took the test yesterday and he also has high levels of arsenic and lead but no radiation issue! Another similarity was that both of us lack vitamin B6/12 and Q10!

The nutritionist explained that since my family consume lots of vegetables and hardly any meat, the arsenic is from the pesticides/insecticides we consume!!! He said the worse would be those vegetables with deep roots! As I eat a lot of raw salads, it simply meant I had not been vigilant enough to wash the vegetables thoroughly to be free of pesticides. Consumption of food from restaurants/eateries etc is another matter of concern as the vegetables may not have been washed thoroughly.

The nutritionist went on to tell us that regardless of supplements or abstentions in diet, it is pointless if we do not avoid harmful sources of danger such as wi-fi radiation, laptop radiation, hand phone radiation.

Amazingly, just from my medical results alone, the nutritionist could say something like this..."Madam, your report shows a high likelihood that you are a heavy computer user and sleep with hand phones around your bed (hubby and I never switch off our hand phones which are on our bedside tables!!!)

For about two years, I had been posting many health articles and never really took some of the advice seriously, until now.

Certainly, I have taken stock of my life. My recent complicated tummy upset has taught me to do all things in moderation...For instance, I take a lot of green tea everyday. Now, I know my body is acidic and I have to avoid excessive consumption of green tea, apple cider vinegar. As a non-meat eater (with the exception of occasional bak kwa/dim sum/lobak indulgence), my main source of protein is peanuts. After a very detailed explanation by the nutritionist, I realize why peanuts should be eaten with ultra caution and should be struck off my diet, if possible. The nutritionist also explained how I lost calcium from my body (even though I drink milk daily) and lose Vitamin B (due to my abstinence from meat) etc etc.

In life, I have met many kinds of people. Few sincere and kind people. But this nutritionist is certainly in the same league as my husband and dear friends SS and ML, and  readers YK (whom I have yet to meet) and  SK (whom I met only after four years) - the kindest and gentlest persons I have ever known in my life - all of whom have hardly ever spoken negative words to me. Precious lessons I have learnt from them and my husband. Kindness and positive messages build people whilst negative, harsh and unkind words/criticism (even if given with good intentions) destroy and crush the spirit within ... It costs zero to be kind to people whilst anger breeds toxins which have debilitating and deadly effects. Of late, I cling closely to the old adage of 'speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil'. I can finally say I have found peace in solitude and abstinence from maddening news.

It has been a major turnaround this week, but I hope it is a step in the right direction. I have lost many friends and loved ones the past three years and I certainly want to stay healthy and happy ...to live long enough to see my boys get married and to see my grandchildren.

For today, I just want to share this with my readers - don't use the computers or android phones beyond two hours a day. No blue tooth headsets please and try to purchase radiation protection shields for your hand phones and laptops. I have already ordered mine and will be getting them next week. During the August PC fair in Penang, I had already tested radiation detectors and am well aware of the levels for my handphones and laptops. Even air-conditioners and many electrical appliances are sources of danger.

For some time already, I realise the truth of what I wrote in THIS POST about the effects of the internet on our brains. A few days ago, a doctor friend whatsapped me to recommend a place for a dinner date. I told him to try my friend's hotel which is opposite Seven Terraces. Name please, he asked. I told him that...er it begins with the letter 'A'. His reponse: HUH??? Yup. That is how bad my brain has deteriorated. I find it difficult to recall recent memories whilst past memories are intact e.g. I can easily recall what happened when I was 4 or 6 years old. For sure, I have minimised my internet time. I hope you can understand pardon my delay in responding to emails or comments.

Walla's advice resounds in my mind very often - S I M P L I F Y  YOUR  L I F E! That is exactly what I am doing in my quest for health...

My reading focus for today is Arsenic. Just to share with you a selection of what I have learnt..which have helped me understand why I have arsenic in my body! Please go for a blood test and test for Heavy Metals and Minerals. Serious! I learnt how important are these two tests and the importance of iodine (which is why I had a posting on iodine a few days ago) last week from one medical website. 

May God bless you with health and happiness that you may enjoy your wealth. Take care and God bless.

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    UP41 It has been sometime I did not read blogs until just now. Take care . Your mental state kill/heal faster than anything else.

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