The Holocaust Survivor's Love Story

Posted by M ws On Thursday, October 24, 2013 0 comments
Angela sent me a link to a clip here.

Feeling curious, I surfed the net and came across the original posting HERE. 

Had I watched this last year or in the past, I would have howled. Older, wiser and definitely NOT as sentimental as I used to be, my eyes were misty but no tears shed.

I guess life experiences have toughened and hardened me to adopt a pragmatic approach to life and to coat myself with a veneer of resilience and not sentimentalism.

Still, it is a beautiful story which should be watched as a reminder that love matter what.

The Fork is about a Holocaust survivor who encourages her soon-to-be-wed granddaughter. We can't control all the events of life but we can control how we look at them.

CLICK HERE to watch in Youtube.

Have a beautiful day!

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