The Shoe Shiner

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Thanks to Angela who shared this beautiful story and video.

Don't be deceived by his avocation. Don Ward probably has more integrity and spiritual insight than anyone on Wall Street.

Of course he's been aware, his whole life, that being a "shoe-shine boy" was not exactly aspirational, in the eyes of many - likely including his own family.

Moreover, his very job description was used as a pejorative term by whites to intimidate blacks (who did not shine shoes for a living) throughout the 20th century and earlier, to put blacks back "in their place".

But after years of culinary school, where Don Ward mastered the art of being a pastry chef - he realized it just wasn't him.

Then he had the bravery to be true to himself and recognize that he had to live HIS life - not somebody else's idea of what his life should be.

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