The Under 18 Movie and Other Jokes

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Ah Beng went to the movies with 18 of his friends. The ticket officer asked Ah Beng, “How many tickets would you like to have ?"

Ah Beng replied, “18 please.”

The ticket officer was very surprised and said, “Wow ! you must have a lot of friends .”

Ah Beng replied, “ No lah. Because here say Under 18 cannot go in mah …”.


Ah Beng was with his  American and English  friends at a bar in New York.

The bartender asks, “What would you like sir ?”

The American replied "JOHNNIE WALKER, SINGLE."

The Englishman replied : "JACK DANIELS, SINGLE."

The bartender approaches Ah Beng and asks, "And what about you , Sir?"

Ah Beng replies: "Tan Ah Beng, MARRIED."

To Ah Lian ...
Your beautiful face no fight,
Silky hair everybody like,
Your horse figure no horse run,
Big big eyes, small small mouth, cannot tahan,
One word, marry wife follow wife, marry cat follow cat,
You go there, I go there.
If you are the moon, I'm the star beside you.
If you are a flower, I'm the leaf of your flower.
If you are shit, I'm the fly.
When you are bathing, I'm the soap.
To sky mountain sea corner,
You are my woman this lifetime.
From Ah Beng.

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