A Cruel Twist in Tryst

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According to THIS REPORT:

A 57-year-old grandfather invited his female online friend to have sex in a hotel but was shocked when his daughter-in-law showed up, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

The man, known only as Wang, was even more horrified when he noticed his son tailing the daughter-in-law at the hotel in Heilong­jiang, China recently, it reported.

With the username “A Caring One”, Wang had been actively chatting with netizens since he retired two years ago.

Wang came across a netizen with the username “Lonely Flower” on Oct 21 and they decided to meet in a hotel room after exchanging fake photographs.

Wang’s son found out about the chatroom conversation and decided to secretly follow his wife to the hotel.

The woman was shocked when her father-in-law answered the door and tried to run away.

However, Wang’s son showed up at the hotel room and attacked the both of them.

Wang suffered injuries while the woman lost three teeth.

A hotel staff lodged a police report.

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