It's the Genes and not the Schools!

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Thanks to Angela for this interesting article. I googled for it and discovered it was published two days ago here.


Genes are a bigger influence on exam results than teachers, schools or the family, new British research has shown.

Scientists studied the extent to which genetics contributes to academic success in the equivalent of Year 11 exams in more than 11,000 identical and non-identical 16-year-old twins.

They concluded that the DNA a child is born with accounts for more of the differences seen in exam scores than what happens in the classroom or at home.

Genetic effects explained almost 60 per cent of the variation seen in core subject English, mathematics and science grades.

In contrast, 29 per cent was attributable to shared environmental factors such as schools, neighbourhoods and households.

Non-shared environmental influences, unique to each individual, accounted for the remaining differences.

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