Nineteen Amazing Facts About Earth

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19 Amazing Facts About Earth

Over 7 billion people live on our planet, yet the majority of them know so little about it. This is a sad fact as we are the only creatures on earth, and possibly in the universe, that can know something about the planet we live on.

1. The Earth actually isn't round due to centrifugal forces that push outwards at the Equator, making the Earth appear slightly elliptical.

2. If you stand on the equator, you will spin around the Earth's center at 1000 miles per hour, or 1609 km/h. However, when standing at either the North or South poles, you would remain standing still, although turning in a circle. See the difference?

3. The rocks that we know today will one day be recycled. The job of volcanoes is to spit them up as magma, after which they dry, harden, and then after a long time, get sucked back down again. This cycle occurs as a result of plate tectonics and the old rocks get pushed to the Earth's core by the fresh layer of rocks above.

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