The Frigging Freak Accident

Posted by M ws On Sunday, January 5, 2014 3 comments
In October and November last year, I was busy with house renovations executed in three phases to let me enjoy a brief respite in between different areas of works. Furniture was shifted here and there like a true-to-life musical chairs scenario.

Then I had this brilliant idea of shifting my 42-year old swing to the balcony. On that fateful day when the workmen were dismantling the swing, I gasped in horror at the rusted iron fragments that fell to the floor near the air-conditioner blower. As the men leaned the swing against the wall, I told them it was not safe as it could crash on someone's head.

Squatting down to sweep the rusted iron fragments gently into the dustpan, I never ever thought the swing would indeed crash and land on my head, hitting my skull with a sickening knock and then my wrist before it crashed to the floor with a resounding bang.

I thought to myself - for sure, I will be in vegetative state for life, paralyzed neck downwards and then I began to feel dizzy and at the verge of blacking out.

I forced myself not to succumb to the giddiness as I could not afford another bang on my head. Feeling faint and nauseous, my husband and son helped me to my bedroom. The whole evening, I felt sick and then went to the emergency ward of GH soon after and went for a CT scan and 5 X-rays. The GH medical team is really super duper efficient, friendly and efficient. Results showed no skull or wrist fracture but that was only the beginning of my journey in pain.

For the whole month of December, I had to cope with the swollen wrist and my hand and fingers becoming numb gradually. Pain became my middle name. The situation worsened so I decided I had to go for more x-rays on New Year's Eve. This time, I had 9 x-rays at a private clinic where the radiologist recommended me to an orthopaedic surgeon at a private hospital. On January 2nd, I visited the specialist and advised to undergo physiotherapy.

Ultrasound treatment for my wrist

Inferential treatment for my shoulder

 Me going through traction for my neck injury. Love that funky hairdo! :-)

Cyrotherapy for my wrist and shoulder

I also went through shock wave treatment and a bit of chiropractic realignment moves by the resident physiotherapist. Today, I had my second session and am feeling better. My wrist is still swollen, elbow pain reduced, fingers less numb and my neck is not as tight as it used to be. Hopefully, I can be back on track soon.

I just want to say thanks to all my friends, relatives and readers such as Mr TSK, Mr LYK, Mr FCF and Encik Shakirin who called, emailed, whatsapped, smsed me when they heard about my injury.

Their messages, hilarious responses and get-well wishes have been a source of comic relief and certainly encouragement to get well soon.

For sure, I have learnt not to be so fussy about cleanliness and not to be as OCD as I used to be. The specialist declared that I am not allowed to mop the floor, wring clothes or do any strenuous work with my right hand. 

Life is precious.

Take care and may God bless, protect and guide you.

3 comments to The Frigging Freak Accident

  1. says:

    patches Dear Dear Paula - I don't know how I missed the post of your injury. Am so glad to know that you are over the worst and well - hope you continue to get better fast.
    Yes, it's best to be less fussy and close one or both eyes!
    Must admit that second half of 2013 was not a good year health-wise for a good many people, I've read, heard about friends illness and problems and I myself too had a few issues.
    Pray and hope you continue to improve and to live contentedly and well. Happy New Year.
    P L

  1. says:

    Tiger Dear Paula,
    Wow, I hope that you get well soon. Freak accidents do happen but at least it's not a major one.
    God Bless.

  1. says:

    Gem All things considered, you look rather gorgeous in that hospital bed, punk hair and all. See, other readers are telling you not to be so OCD, not just me. Take care!

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