Lessons in Having A Good Wife (joke)

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Thanks to Mr TSK who shared this list of jokes which I am sharing STRICTLY for laughs.

An intelligent wife is one who spends so much that her husband can't afford another woman.
Cool message by a woman :Dear mother-in-law,"don't teach me how to handle my children,
I'm living with one of yours and he needs a lot of improvement."
A kid was beaten by his mom .
Dad came home and asked, What happened son ?
Kid said: Can't adjust with your wife anymore,
I need my own.
In an African safari, a lion suddenly bounced on Santa's wife.
Wife : Shoot him! Shoot him!
Santa : Yes, yes ​, I'm changing the battery in my camera..
What is the difference between mother and wife ?
One woman brings you into this world crying and the other ensures you continue to do so.
Husband and wife are like 2 tires of a vehicle .
If one punctures, the vehicle can't move further.
Moral : Always keep a spare tire....
Nobody teaches volcanoes to erupt, tsunamis to devastate , hurricanes to sway around & no one teaches how to choose a wife .
Natural disasters just happen .
Message of the year :-
Women live a better, longer and peaceful life ..!!
Very simple...
A woman does not have a wife .. !!!


Have a great day!

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