Helpful Pressure Points

Posted by M ws On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 2 comments
According to ancient oriental beliefs, every organ in the human body has a representative pressure point in the hand and the foot. According to this method, massaging and applying pressure to this point for about 10 minutes, should alleviate pain, cure diseases and make us feel much better. Get to know the most important pressure points in the hands and feet.

Thanks to Mr YK for sharing this via email.

2 comments to Helpful Pressure Points

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    Taikohtai Went to a local library yesterday to attend a talk by Master Xiao:
    Quite amazing and does work but the Lajin part can be extreme. He's already well known in Malaysia, apparently.


  1. says:

    M ws Thank you so much for sharing!

    Great to hear from you again.

    It is really validating to know you still read my blog...after all these years. I am blessed!

    Take care and pls stay in touch.

    Have not been updating cos my son had a very bad accident and had surgery yesterday...kind of depressed :-(.

    God bless.

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