Vicious Attack: Thirty-three dead, One Hundred and Thirty Injured!

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US Today reported that more than 10 knife-wielding attackers slashed people at a train station in a southwestern city in what authorities called a terrorist attack by ethnic separatists in western China, and police fatally shot four of the assailants, leaving 33 people dead and 130 others wounded, state media said.

At least 33 people are dead and 130 injured after a group of knife-wielding men hacked their way through innocent people at one of China's busiest railway stations.


Daily Mail has posted many photos and videos in its detailed report. Excerpt:

Distressing photos circulating online showed bodies, pools of blood and abandoned luggage scattered across the terminal floor at Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province.

Authorities described the incident at about 9.20pm local time (1.20pm GMT) as an 'organised, premeditated, violent terrorist attack' in which at least 10 people stabbed commuters outside the station terminal before moving inside.

The death toll stands at 29 bystanders and four attackers who were shot dead by police. Nothing is yet known of the motivation behind the attack, but the Chinese government has blamed militants from the remote far western region of Xinjiang, which is home to tensions between the government and Muslim separatists.

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