Cow Fighting

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What shoes should I wear to cow fighting?

When my husband and I moved to Switzerland over a year ago, I never dreamed this was a question I would ask myself. But, here I was, closet doors flung open, wondering what to wear to trek up the mountains and watch cows wrestle one another.

In the mountains, Heren cows, a stout, dark brown breed, naturally duel in their Alpine pastures to establish herd hierarchy. Since the 1920s, farmers in Switzerland's Valais region have held organized matches between these cows, putting the herds in a ring to replicate this natural behavior.

Beginning each spring, regional cow fights take place throughout the area, pitting local cows against one another in matches based on weight and age. In the fall, the local winners head to the finals to compete for the title La Reine des Reines or Queen of the Queens.

CLICK HERE for more. Really! This is NOT an April Fool's Joke!

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