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1    What is marriage?
       Marriage is the 7th sense that destroys all the six senses,
       And makes the person NON sense.

2    There are four stages of marriage
       n  Mad for each other,
       n  Made for each other,
       n  Mad at each other,
       n  Mad because of each other.

3     Definition of a Happy couple.
       He does what she wants,
       She does what she wants.

4     Wife   :  Dear, this computer is not working as per my command.
       Husband  :  Exactly darling. It’s a computer, not a husband.

5     Mistakes.
       “Laughing at own mistakes, can lengthen one’s life.”    --  Shakespeare
       “Laughing at wife’s mistakes, can shorten one's life”    --  Shakespeare’s Wife.

6      How Bedroom smells.
        After marriage –

         1st  3 years      --  Perfumes, flowers, chocolate, fruits.
         After  3 yrs     –   Baby powder, Johnson’s baby cream
         After 15 yrs    --  Tiger Balm, Vicks, Minyak Chap Kapak
         After 40 yrs    --   Incense, joss-stick, Agarbatti (embalming lotion)

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