Propaganda Psy-Op?

Posted by Unknown On Saturday, April 5, 2014 1 comments
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1 comments to Propaganda Psy-Op?

  1. says:

    light Dear MWS,

    Those who know, knows what is really going on with these 'messages'. It is intended for those whose mind had, at the least, tried to escape from all the mainstream lies to find sanity.

    In order to divert them back into complacency, a method has to be found to control and contain these 'escapees'. Manipulating the opposition (or a better term, 'well-meaning peace-loving Earth-caring citizens') by these so-called left gatekeepers is the preferred method. The method itself is fairly simple- to push the emotional buttons of these caring citizens into manufactured action that does not threaten the current order. Those in control create the reality they want the rest to follow.

    As one commenter pointed out so eloquently, we do not need to look outside of ourselves for answers. By doing that, we only deceive ourselves.

    So, yes, in short, this is a psy-op. The reason is already clearly stated in the article itself. It can be seen clearly by everyone who are in touch with the reality currently playing out in the world.

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