Remembering Karpal Singh

Posted by M ws On Sunday, April 20, 2014 2 comments
It is a sad day today as one of the greatest sons of Penang, Karpal Singh, has been put to rest.

However, the Tiger will always remain in the hearts of many Malaysians who love him, especially Penangites, including myself.

Thanks to CS for sharing the above photo. I do not know who is the artist but it is a very beautiful painting of the late Karpal Singh.

Mrs Gurmit, beloved wife of Karpal Singh whom he loved for over half a century, praying before the funeral.

Many cried...are still crying...either openly or silently...including yours truly...:-(

Rest in peace, YB Karpal Singh. We will forever miss you but will never forget you.

Thank you for being the MP of my constituency for so many terms.

Thank you, YB Karpal Singh, for being such an exemplary Malaysian towering over others.

Thank you for your kindness shown to me. That you remembered me during my darkest hour and asked Jagdeep to give moral support is an act of kindness from a sincere heart. I will never ever forget that as long as I live.

My tears roll for remembrance of your greatness.

May the Almighty comfort his family and loved ones during this painful grieving period.

Here are some links you might want to visit.

Many sites have hosted galleries of Karpal Singh's photos and live updates of the recent funeral procession.

The Malay Mail Gallery

NST Gallery

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2 comments to Remembering Karpal Singh

  1. says:

    CS Foong He lived a full life in service of this nation and its people. Immeasurable loss but I hope he will inspire a new generation of tigers.

  1. says:

    Taikohtai The great ones always seem to go too quickly. Only one word for KS: LEGEND

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