Seven Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

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I just had tim sum with a dear girlfriend last Friday morning. Then, she told me she had a lumpectomy and would get her results soon. Hence, Angela's mail today is most timely. Please read this carefully and pass it on if you find value in it. Thanks to Angela for sharing this post.

We all know you should never skip your periodical mamogram, and if you find a suspicious lump in your breast or under your armpit, you should go see a doctor immediately.

But there are other signs but these that may point to breast cancer, and it is extremely important to be knowledgeable about them and be aware of them, because any of the following 7 cases can be a real risk, and if you find them you should consult with a doctor post haste.  Remember, early detection can make all the difference.

Breast cancer symptoms

1. A change in the size, form or structure of the breast.

2. A dimple in the breast or a convergence of the skin.

3. Sudden discharge of liquid from the nipple.

4. Itching, irritation or sudden rash on the nipple.

5. Sudden pain at a specific spot that won't go away.

6. The nipple suddenly becoming an 'inny'.

7. Bloating, redness, change of texture or color of the skin on the breast.

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