The Mystery of Elliot Rodger

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The world is still reeling in shock from the Isla Vista shooting episode.

Who is Elliot Rodger? Wiki data here.  His YouTube videos are  HERE.  I watched the controversial one before it was removed.

Was it staged? Did it really happen?

Watch this video.

Read his 137-page elaborate plan/manifesto HERE.

There are many similarities to the Sandy Hook incident.


Consider American Thinker.

Was it real? Was he a psychopath or victim of programming? Was it possible that it was because he was spurned and died a virgin? Consider his wealthy and prominent background. Can it be that a good-looking young man driving a BMW could be unsuccessful in attracting women. Possible?

Consider the tone of voice in the video. Genuine? Rehearsed? Acting? Programmed and/or MK-ed?

Was there more than one person? Read this.

Or is there more than meets the eye??

Did you know that on February 23 2001, first-year student David Attias killed four pedestrians with his car on a crowded street in the student beach community?

Did you know the official release date of the first Hunger Games film in the US was March 23, 2012?

Did you also know that Elliot Rodger’s rampage in Santa Barbara took place on May 23, 2014?

Do own research and form your own conclusions. Please share your views. Thanks!

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