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Thanks to Mr LYK for sharing this:

Fortunately, at our present point in time, alongside the continuing upheavals are all sorts of positive transformations with lots of good news about the rapid expansion of Maharishi’s programs all over the world in every area of society. It certainly feels as if we are on the verge of a big change in world consciousness.

In this regard, one of the movement jyotish experts mentioned that there are a number of powerful transits coming up this year, starting in June, when Guru goes into Kark (then Guru and Sani will both be exalted).  He said that Guru and Sani both exalted give a lot of power for change on the societal level.  On July 26, Guru, Surya, and Chandra are all conjoined in Pushya Nakshatra, which Srimad Bhagavatam declares to be a sign of Sat Yuga. Then in September, there are a couple of days when all planets except Sukra are in high dignity, and Sukra is conjoined with Budh.  He concluded by saying that the exalted Guru aspect on exalted Sani in Vrischika was last seen when Maharishi came out of Uttarkashi to bring TM to the world.

I recently saw a quote by Maharishi from 1992 about the period of phase transition which is still quite timely;

“In order to establish order, disorder has to be shaken; and for shaking to remain under control, we who are at the basis, at the level of Para, have to be Para—that is, unreachable by the surface turmoil. In that integrated state, the fast moving chaos and change will pass away in a steady manner.

“So we have to be very steady. We have to be very careful not to get upset by little or big things. If we lose our basis, our dignity, the phase transition will take much longer. Don’t give importance to things that may upset us.

“This is a very precious time for the world. Everything depends on how our awareness is; just don’t let it be shaken. Our awareness is the basis of all these transformations. More than ever before, time demands we remain completely ourselves. It is a very tender, delicate time for us—we should not become angry, indifferent, or sad; we should just be like an ocean. The evolutionary power is waking up. We shake it, then leave it; then after some time shake it again. Each time a new level of purity, awakening is added”.

As the inspiring quote from Maharishi on this year’s Maharishi Purusha Program calendar put it,

“What is going to come? Unexpected, unimaginable bright future of mankind on the single individual level of enlightenment and on the level of enlightenment of the whole nation and on the level of enlightenment of the whole world. (Maharishi, MERU, 2007).

On January 12, 2008 Maharishi said, “Today this farewell marks the establishment of Invincibility for all mankind... Express my delight for all the millennia to come that the world is going to be a happy world... The future of the world is bright and that is my delight. Jai Guru Dev.”

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