Built for Love

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Love, say the poets, makes the world go round. Love is the most powerful force there is, and when in throes of true love, you are floating somewhere in the clouds, unbound to earth. Indeed, love has been the inspiration behind countless works of art, books, movies, plays and musical pieces. Some, it seems, would build a monument to their love, to declare it with stone and mortar.

Castles seem to be a supreme statement of true love, built with great hardship and expense, to serve as a romantic home taken out of a fairy tale, and to live in it happily ever after. The irony is, that many of these castles built for love were also the homes of tragedy. Here are the stories of 10 legendary castles, built for love.

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Thanks to Angela who shared this via email. I googled for the source and discovered a few sites shared this, including the link I posted above. I am unaware of the original source and am sharing this for information.

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