Money Has Many Names

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In place of worship it's called (offerings)
In Marriage it's called (dowry)
In Divorce its called (alimony)
When u owe someone (debt)
When u pay government (tax)
In Court it's called (fines)
Gov't to retirees (pension)
Boss to workers (salary)
Master to subordinates (wages)
Children (pocket-money)
When u borrow from bank (loan)
When u give to the authority (BRIBE)
When u partition your earning (COMMISSION)
When u offer after a service (tip)
When you aid the poor (Donation)

When its robbed, its called CONGRESS or Parliament!

Sir William Osler's advice to medical doctors:Look wise, say nothing, and grunt. Speech was given to conceal thought.
DO NOT steal;  the government does not like competition!

                             WORK TOWARDS PEACE NOT WAR

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