Because of who You Are

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As I sit here in front of my laptop, I realize how life seems to have  passed by fleetingly in the past few years.

I really cannot believe that I have passed the halfway mark.

Just a few days ago, I met up with almost 30 former schoolmates and one of them said if we ever have another reunion in ten years' time, it would have to be a different menu to cater for our toothlessness.:-)

To that, I said ya man...we would need pureed dishes, liquidized vegetables so we had better enjoy our lamb chops for now.

Then she said by then, we would not be able to 'like' posts in Facebook anymore cos of arthritic conditions :-) and I said we could use Talkback haha...

Anyway, when looking back at my past, despite the many failings, failures, wrong decisions and regrets, there have been moments of happiness, miracles, outbursts of joy and outpouring of blessings. And I am thankful I am still alive and got to where I am today because of God. Truly, great is His faithfulness...

With that in mind, I sang this song and recorded it in my Nexus where I do not know how edit unlike in my other androids or tablets.

However, I did stop halfway cos I forgot the lyrics and lost myself for I did not pre-rehearse and did not know where I was hahaha old as I am and I don't want to record it again cos I sang this song with a heart of thanksgiving to God for all He is to me and the way He has blessed my life...not a perfect life but at least I am alive. To record it again would not be spontaneous.

If you want to listen to a sentimental one crooning in thanksgiving to God, then you can CLICK HERE.

Because of who You Are was popularised by Sandi Patti and you can listen to the original here. I love the original cos she really sings so expressively and draws people to God.

Apologies for the half-completed song. It is a moment in time captured by a handphone sound recorded, unedited but just pure gratitude to God.


May your God bless you and for all who are Muslims, Selamat Berpuasa.

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