Ah Lian and her Durian

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" Ah Lian was a pillion rider holding two big bags of durians when their motorbike rode over a hump in the town of Balik Pulau in front of the bus terminal.

The rider, her husband, Ah Beng heard the loud bang!

He asked Ah Lian, wa eh durian oo kalau boh?

Ah Lian shouted : 'Boh kalau! 'Boh kalau! 'Boh kalau!

So Ah Beng did not bother and continue with the journey along the long and winding road towards Paya Terubong.

When they reached home in Bayan Lepas, Ah Beng got down from his motorbike.

He was shocked to see Ah Lian was not wearing her helmet.

He asked Ah Lian : 'Where is your helmet? '

Ah Lian was very angry and replied, 'Just now I already told you BOH KALAU! BOH KALAU! BOH KALAU! but you didn't stop! '


Boh Kalau in Hokkien can mean the durians did not fall down.

It can also mean the helmet has fallen off.

Thanks to Dr. M who shared this joke.

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