I Woofove You, Tiger!

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Having a dog is more challenging than having our own children. Unlike children who can tell us how they feel esp when they are sick, our dogs can only whine or look mournfully at us. Over the weekend, Tiger had been very ill as I had stupidly changed his kibble diet for 3 consecutive days. I forgot he is a dog and thought he would enjoy variety in his meals.

He started vomiting once on Friday then twice on Saturday. By Sunday morning, his condition worsened. The poor darling scratched the sofa to let me know he threw up there. By 9 p.m., he had thrown up four times and was so weak. Yet, he stuck close to me never letting me out of his sight. Even when I went to the bathroom, he waited outside the shower cubicle patiently. Seeing his delicate condition, I prayed and interceded like I never had for four consecutive hours, crying to God to have mercy on Tiger and to comfort and heal him.

Watching him lie on his side yearning to be close to me and for me to caress and comfort him melted my heart. Looking most helpless, his eyes still shone with so much ♥ as if to say...hey mum...thanks for being here for me. I just laid hands on his tummy and prayed and prayed...through it all, my husband was steadfastly believing Tiger would be ok. By 2.30a.m, Tiger zzz but woke up at 3.30a.m. and scratched the door - his usual let-me-out-of-the-bedroom signal. The minute i opened the door, pooooooi...turbo vomit and splat..

Another puddle of greenish brownish puke pudding.

Head hung low, Tiger turned to me as if to say, 'I'm sorry, mum. You have to clean up my puke pudding again. Soon after cleaning up, i sat beside him as he lay on his side on his doggy bed in the sitting room. After a while, his breathing stabilised. I got up, turned to him and said, 'Tiger, let's sleep in mummy's room.' Slowly, he followed me upstairs and this time, slept in his little corner with his teddy bear. Still, I prayed till I fell asleep. This morning, Tiger seems to be back to his normal self. God is good and listens to the cries from our heart because all creatures great and small, the Lord God loves us all.

Special thanks to Poh Ai and Eric, Tiger's groomer for their invaluable advice! I thank God He healed Tiger and am sure Tiger has forgiven repentant and forgetful mum for changing the kibbles without the 50:50 combo. Truly, Tiger has touched my life and changed me for the better in so many ways because canine lessons from him last forever. I ♥♥♥ you, Tiger!!!

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