China's Supersonic Submarine

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Researchers in China are reporting that they’ve taken a big step towards creating a truly revolutionary submarine. For years, the nation has been dedicated to the expansion of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Submarine Force.

Aside from wanting a fleet that could rival those of other superpowers, the growing fleet is seen as a means of further pressing Chinese territorial and strategic interests in the Pacific. However, this latest development is quite novel, since it involves the development of supersonic submarines.

The technology behind this, which could just as easily be applied to weaponised torpedoes as military or civilian submarines, could theoretically allow a sub to travel from Shanghai to San Francisco - a distance of about 9650 km (6,000 miles) – in just 100 minutes. This new advance, developed by a team of scientists at theHarbin Institute of Technology‘s Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Lab, is known as supercavitation – a concept originally developed by the Soviets in the ’60s, during the Cold War.

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