Monday Laughter

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In a Nursery School Canteen, there's a basket of apples with a notice written over it:

'Do not take more than one, God is watching'

On d other counter there's a box of chocolates,

A small child went & wrote on it.

"Take as many as U want, God is busy watching d apples".

NEVER ACT SMART WITH today's generation..!!.

KID :- Why some of your hair are white dad ?

DAD : – Every time you make me unhappy , one of my hair turns white …..

KID :- Now understand why grandpa’s hairs are all white …..

Moral :- Don’t be over smart ..


Child : Mummy why didn't Gandhi have any hair on his head?
Mummy : Because he spoke only truth.
Child: Now I understand why ladies have long hair....

Just kidding! Posted for laughs with thanks to CWL who shared this.
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