The Story Behind Hello

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When you lift the phone you normally say Hello... Do you know what is the real meaning of Hello? It is the name of a Girl..! Yes it is. Do you know who this girl is? "Margaret Hello" She was the girlfriend of Graham Bell who invented telephone. His first word on his phone after his invention was "Hello". That practice of starting the call with Hello still continues. One can forget the name of Graham Bell but not his girlfriend. That is what he did for his beloved. Perhaps it is no less than the work of Taj Mahal.

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    sariah abas ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. Alexander Graham Bell's girlfriend in the year 1876, when he invented the telephone, was Mabel Hubbard. She was a deaf woman, and her father was one of the financial backers for the invention. She was his girlfriend since 1873, and they got married in 1877, a year after the invention.

  1. says:

    M ws Dear Sariah Abas

    Thank you very much for your response.

    Actually, I did check via internet but only the first website at's_girlfriend

    And - fully believing the veracity of that site, posted this story in good faith.

    I have since checked again after reading your comment and indeed, snopes has confirmed it is false.

    My deepest apologies to all readers and I stand corrected.

    I will, in future, check more than one website...

    Thanks again.

    Take care and best wishes

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