The Hidden Truth and Other Shocking News

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Call me a doomsday fantatic but I believe man is at the threshold of a full-blown horror scenario.

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Tyvek body suits, N95 masks, respirators, latex gloves, isolation gowns and more will be in great demand. Even so, people need to know how to use these effectively. The article also explains why full-face masks are very important.

Spanish nurse contracted the deadly disease in Madrid.

Latest news and a clip on a Norwegian victim 

An American victim who returned to Nebraska says that...

I have stopped taking white bread and stopped baking cakes etc for a very long time. I used to make my own wholemeal bread but even now, I don't do that any more.

In this blog, I have posted a few articles on the dangers of consuming certain grains.

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On the positive side, click here for good news regarding diabetes.

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