The Good Will Come Back

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As the year draws to a close in less than 50 days, I can safely say this has been a very bad year indeed.

Three of my former students passed away this year. May they all rest in peace.

Two months ago, D. P hung himself in Australia and left behind his dear wife and a beautiful baby daughter.

A month ago, M passed away suddenly in Japan.

Five days ago, T.E. passed away suddenly in UK leaving behind his beloved wife and two daughters and I only got the news this morning.

Later in the morning, I heard a relative might have TB.

Four days ago, I had a freak accident when running down the stairs and the momentum propelled me forward till I literally flew across the hallway and landed at the doorstep. I thought I broke my hip, shoulder, elbow, neck and wrist. So far, the pain is easing off and I dare not see the doctor. I was supposed to have gone for dental surgery that morning to extract the root of a wisdom tooth an irresponsible dentist had left behind when he tried to extract the offending tooth.

On Deepavali, I broke my tooth and the capping etc cost me a whoppig 1.3k :-(.

Last month, my son also slipped and fell down the stairs injuring the finger he fractured in March this year - a month before his LTCL violin exam which he took two days ago.

I just hope the spate of unfortunate incidents ends here.

Anyway, that is the reason for my silence for the past two days.

Here is something a friend sent me last night via whatsapp.

Sometimes you are
unsatisfied with your life,
while many people in
this world are dreaming
of living your life..

A child on a farm sees
a plane fly overhead &
dreams of flying. But,
A pilot on the plane sees
the farmhouse & dreams
of returning home.

That's life!! Enjoy yours...
If wealth is the secret to
happiness, then the rich
should be dancing on the
streets. But only poor kids
do that.

If power ensures security,
then officials should walk
unguarded. But those who
live simply, sleep soundly.

If beauty and fame bring
ideal relationships, then
celebrities should have
the best marriages.

Live simply. Walk humbly.
and love genuinely..!
All good will come back
to you...!!
To all my lovely friends!!

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