The Incredible Bay Bridge

Posted by M ws On Saturday, November 1, 2014 0 comments
Isn't this a fantastic feat? Imagine, in just a short span of thirty over years or more that China opened
its economy to the world it has achieved so much in almost everything.

Here in Malaysia, sad to say after so many decades we are still struggling for reasons we all know...and yet, we get shoddy work too often.

Jiaozhou bay bridge, Shandong, China.-China's engineering prowess and capability now exceeds that of ANY nation in the world! And their cost control is incredibly efficient!  Much can be achieved with little or no corruption!

CLICK HERE to view the beautiful slides.

Thanks to Angela who shared the information. I found the Slideshare link and am not sure if it is the same as the slides she sent in the pps file. I hope it is.

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