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A ditty is a short, simple song sung for fun, especially to children.

Penang Hokkien dialect or even Baby Hokkien has a storehouse of many ditties.

These little rhymes tell a story that offers a window to the past to help us understand lifestyles and mindsets from the past.

Recently, I started a Facebook page called #PenangForPenangLang - a place where I put together stuff about Penang - food, culture, trends etc. (This blog will still continue to run)

Yesterday and even today, I put up posts on Hokkien ditties and would like to invite blog readers/subscribers to visit (and hopefully like, invite friends to like or share) my FB page.

What is most encouraging is the warm response from community members in #PenangForPenangLang. If you have yet to visit my page, please click here.

Here's an excerpt from a comment to one of the posts:

Huay Kim Cheh
Chap GoH Meh
Jia lin Gu-wah Lai jiak Teh,
TEH seow seow
Kia Lo beh Kin Jeow
Kin Jeow beh Ki Pek
Kia Lo Beh chek
Cheh beh ki thak
Kia Lo Beh Bak
bak Beh Ki Buo
Kia Lo Beh Chuah
Chuah Beh Ki liak
Kia Lo Beh Kah Kiak
Kah Kiak Beh Ki cheng
Kia Lo beh Kah Leng
Kah Leng Ko, Kah Leng Poh
Jiah Lin Ku-Wa Lai 7-toh
7-toh iak, jiak Kam jiak
Kam Jiak Tee, Ban Leng Chi
Leng cHi ang, Kiasai Pang Kao Kah tiao Lang
Tiao Lang Pek Khi Sua,
Char bak Char Tu Kua.
Tu Kua Char boh sek
Xin Niao Boh Chang aik
Kia Sai Boh Tah Head!!!!

fire flies, 15th Night
Invite ur brother in law to drink tea
Tea is hot, walking and buy babana
banana forgot to peel
Walk and buy books
Book forgot to read
Walk and buy Ink
Ink forgot to "scrub"
Walk and buy snake
snake forgot to catch
Walk and buy clogs
clogs forgot to wear
Walk and buy "tiong" bird
Tiong brother tiong sister
Invite ur brother in law to come play
Tire of Playing eat sugar cane
Sugar cane's sweet,
plug "laichee"
Laichee's red,
Groomsman let go of the dog to bite his father in law
FIL climb up the mountain
Fry meat fry pork liver
Pork liver no cook
Brides not shower
groom bald head!

Do visit the page :-) and share your input! Thanks!

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