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Posted by M ws On Wednesday, June 10, 2015 4 comments
It has been some times since I blogged.

Older, life gets physically more challenging and God is good.

There were a few close calls this year.

It is during such times that I can see who are my caring friends.

Thanks to Hwee Hong Goh who reached out and asked about my well-being. It is because of such an unexpected act of kindness that I garnered enough strength to open up my blog again to post something.

It has been a very long journey.

Through it all, I can attest to the fact that the world has become a colder place. It is saddening to see how many choose not to be kind but mean or indifferent.

My guess is the ease of access to sites has kind of made netizens feel empowered.

Frankly, much as I am thankful for the Internet, I long for the pre-Internet days when people had time for each other.

Nonetheless, I am not the weak person I used to be. Not emo any more but VERY much stronger and able to move on without looking back.

Suffering one physical challenge after another has made me stronger, Some who are aware seem to have no compassion. Matters not. What matters is I spend each day of my life thankful that everyday is a bonus from God.

And if I were to leave this world at any time, I know I have lived my life to the fullest with no regrets.

If not for this blog, I would not know that there are such precious people like SKT, Goh, YK Lim etc who are really more than angelic souls in this place called the journey of life.

To all my readers and friends, may the Almighty bless you always.

4 comments to Just to Say

  1. says:

    student You're STILL a pretty emotional person though "VERY much stronger" !
    This is how I feel ... from the depth of my heart !
    What I say may NOT make sense but writing a few words to you makes me happier !
    May my few words "break the ice" so that your world may be truly bright and NOT that dark !

    Whether it is "Internet" or "pre-Internet days" ... the world may still be the same !
    Even if it is not the same (rather than keeping quiet) ...all the same we must "strive" to be sane !
    There are thousands and thousands of "precious people" all around and everywhere!
    "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within" and you'll always be right and truly bright with precious burden to willingly, dutifully and cheerfully bear !

    "As the massive rock stands unmoved by the stormy wind, so the wise shall remain unperturbed by praise or blame !
    You're a very very beautiful person within and without and please do continue your journey in Jesus name !
    With folded palms I bow to the divinity within you !
    Bonus upon bonus from God will certainly be bestowed upon you ... many of the chosen few !


    P.S. Writing a few words (even without much logic) give me some happiness !
    May your reading these few words bring you some cheer, fun and some brightness !

    P.P.S. A thousand apologies for being so bold to write to you !

    Thank you "masterwordsmith-unplugged"

  1. says:

    M ws Dear 'Student'

    Thank you so much for reaching out with such words of encouragement. What a blessing! Your mansion in heaven is huge for all the kindness and blessings your have imparted to others!

    Pardon my skepticism - part of ageing haha..

    It is true you know, as the world progresses, many get colder, more indifferent and it can be a cruel world out there.

    My Westie has taught me one thing - faithful love unconditionally. Be it times when he is hungry or satisfied, he loves the same unchangeably.

    Yes, it is an effort to keep sane in this world.

    Please let me know if ever you are in Penang for I will sure belanja you lots of Penang goodies.

    Take care and do stay in touch.

    God bless!


  1. says:

    student Saya menerima "offer" anda JIKA saya ada peluang pergi ke Pulau Pinang !!!

    Terima kasih !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. says:

    M ws Haha! Your BM is still good..

    It is a standing offer...

    Anyway, thank you for subscribing to my feeds. However, you need to validate the subscription by clicking on the email they sent to your gmail then you will automatically get my posts delivered to your mailbox each morning (Msian time).

    Take care and God bless!


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