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Once upon a time, a small bird named Tasoo lived in a vast jungle. One hot summer day, a terrible wildfire erupted and the flames devoured many trees and animals living in the jungle. Other birds flew high into the sky and far away to safety, but Tasoo couldn't bear to leave her precious jungle home to burn.

Day and night, she flew with all her might back and forth to the river, filling her tiny beak with water to drop on the raging fires.

Tasoo's rare heart of courage and unshakable determination moved the heavenly gods to shed tears, and a great rain poured down upon the jungle, extinguishing the flames.

And so it is that even the smallest actions of a determined spirit can change the world.

-Author Unknown-

Dear reader, I am posting this short story as an encouragement to those of us who may feel that hope is gone. As long as we have the determined spirit to change this scenario in our country, there will always be hope.

Even the smallest action counts.

And as always, it has to begin with me, with you.

Together, we can, we will! Take care and let us march on!!! Have a nice day!

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    nick Sis,

    It's not really about losing our hope but rather the feeling is of sadness and grief for our fellow Malaysian. I feel sorry and grieved for the state of this country and it breaks me to think that my fellow Malaysian are headed towards a disaster and calamity which will make many of them writhe in pain and misery.

    I love my country and I love my fellow citizen and it sadden me that they will be experiencing pains and misery because of our wrong choices and mistaken trust. It hurts me that my fellow citizen are unable to get justice. It breaks me when my fellow citizen are intimidated and bullied. It pains me when they are subjected to tyranny and robbed of their land and belonging without mercy.

    I longed for the day that Malaysian will be free of tyranny and political slavery. I'm looking forward to that day and I'm ever hopeful for the future. BUT no one can stand by and not be moved or sadden by the injustice/corruption/tyranny being perpetrated towards our country and people. I'm hopeful and determined but at the same time I grieved for Malaysia and it's people.

    Looking forward to a brighter day during a thunderstorm is human nature and faith.

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    masterwordsmith Dear Nick

    If only more Malaysians would care enough to feel like you do.

    If only more could try to see what lies ahead if we do not see change.

    If only more could realize the magnitude of injustice and evil plots that are being played out in our country to pander to the whims and malevolent agenda of fiends in our midst who can get away with almost anything!

    If only more are convicted of what is honorable, truthful, just, moral and of value....and see beyond their noses...

    If only more had the courage to stand up for what they believe in...

    Sighs...I am also weighed down by sadness and disappointment but try to be strong, try to be hopeful for if not, dear Nick, they would triumph.

    And we cannot let that happen.

    The wheels are in motion and we can expect a worse case scenario...

    Like what Lord Baden Powell said: BE PREPARED. There is a lot of work for us...

    Together, we can. Your honest and sincere comments will definitely touch many readers...and I know that is one of your many spread gems of patriotism this way to awaken us from our slumber. Please continue to share your thoughts and fears here, Nick, and I pray and believe all of us will be blessed by your wise words.

    Take care, take heart and have a lovely weekend.


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    Anonymous I still remember my friend. He is from Zimbabwe.

    I met him when I was in England.

    Since we were both "foreigners" in England, we talked a lot, exchanging ideas and learn from each others.

    When I told him that I might go back to Malaysia (my "home" at that time was the United States), his eyes widen, and asked me "Why?"

    I said it's my homeland. I am going back.

    That guy's face is filled with sadness and envy.

    He told me (all copied from my memory, so not very precise) that he couldn't go back.

    Mugabe had all his family killed. He was one of the only 9 person escaped death, out of a clan of over 500 people.

    He told me that he love Zimbabwe, but he couldn't and wouldn't go back.

    I asked him if Mugabe died, would he go back, he said no.


    It is not Mugabe that is the problem, he said.

    It is the people who support Mugabe, with full knowledge that by doing so they are going to destroy Zimbabwe.

    And there are still plenty of people in Zimbabwe supporting Robert Mugabe.

    That's the reason he won't go back.

    Not because of he is afraid.

    No. He is simply too sick and tired of those people.

    What about his people?

    He shrugged. What can I do when some of my own people (I believe he mean "race") are supporting Mugabe?

    Looking back at what my friend had told me, and when I look at Malaysia, a chill goes up my spine.

    The similarities !

    Denim Guy

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    masterwordsmith Dear Denim Guy

    What a chilling experience your friend must have had. Thanks for sharing, Denim Guy.

    In fact, the similarities are so obvious. It is a culture of corruption started by one warped greedy character who still cannot shut up.

    A major revolution of the mind and a complete overhaul is needed.

    Sometimes, I pray God will intervene and zap them for detention class in another kingdom if you get mt drift.

    Take care and let's not lose hope.

    Somehow, in the midst of the madness, I believe sense and sensibility still exist.

    Warmest regards

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    InjusticeSistem We are doom.
    God left this place a long time ago. All the different Gods we have here preaches love/respect/honesty/compassion. But we just wanted to be associated with the name God and not what God preaches.
    Our motherland is infected with cancer aka corruption from the brain all da way to the feet. It is no longer wrong to be corrupted when the ratio is 90 corrupted:10 honest man here.
    It is too late......too late....soon our daughters will be maid in Hong Kong/Macau/Singapore/Indonesia and our sons will be construction worker/con man/scam artist/beggar/dishwasher/car washer in Myammar/Vietnam/Nigeria.
    It is too late......

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear InjusticeSistem

    We appear doomed but we can still work against this doom.

    I appreciate your honest comments and I agree with you. However, do not give up...we still have a kicking chance and we cannot just go down in this battle...

    It is never too late...

    Take heart, keep the good fight and be strong and of good courage.

    I believe in miracles! I hope you do too! :-)

    May God bless you. Have a nice day.

    Best wishes

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    A Arthur This is a wonderful anecdote. I read this when I was 12 years and I remembered a number of lines till today.

    Little drops of water,
    little grains of sand,
    make the mighty ocean
    and the beauteous land.

    And the little moments,
    humble though they may be,
    make the mighty ages
    of eternity.

    Little deeds of kindness,
    little words of love,
    make our earth an Eden,
    like the heaven above.

    So our little errors
    lead the soul away,
    from the paths of virtue
    into sin to stray.

    Little seeds of mercy
    sown by youthful hands,
    grow to bless the nations
    far in heathen lands.

    Glory then for ever
    be to God on high,
    beautiful and loving,
    to eternity.

    By Julia Carney, 1845

    Just hope that they are maybe a few leaders in the current regime that will wake up and answer the call to our people, our nation's aspirations and our nation's consciousness to build a fairer society, one in which we will live in racial harmony, to share the spoils of the land, to give merits where merits are due and to have equality for all.

    Then the people of Malaysia will prosper and attain greater nationhood and be first among equals in SE Asia. Currently it is a Utopian dream but a hope is germinated in the deepest recess of my mind that even though I will never and will not be a material witness to this in my life span, but my future generation may live to see a harmonious peace in this once great land of ours which they will proudly proclaim "This is My Mother's Land."

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Arthur

    Many thanks for this comment from you. Sorry for thislate response as I completely forgot about it.

    What a beautiful dream and hope you shared with us here and so well written too, Arthur!

    Thanks so much!

    Take care and catch u soon.


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