Top Ten Lessons I Learnt from Disney!

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10. Fish are friends ... not food. Well, in my case, fish are food too, so maybe this is a lesson I take with a grain of salt—or some herbs and a garlic rub.

9. Always listen to your father; otherwise, he’ll get angry and tear apart your secret room of trinkets with his trident.

8. Cleanliness is next to Godliness—just ask Cinder-elly and her assemblage of aids.

7. Never, ever, go out into a clearing during hunting season. Especially if you look a little game-y....

6. If you sing about your problems, it usually makes life better.

5. Never judge a book by its cover. Or a desk, or dresser ... or chipped tea-cup. You might find out that cup is, in fact, a little boy.

4. Little towns are rarely also quiet villages.

3. Stay true to your best friends. Even if one of you is a fox, and the other a hound.

2. Never accept apples from strangers. Or any fruit, for that matter. Especially if it’s from a creepy old woman.

1. Eyes are the window to the soul. This is why everyone’s eyes are so big.

Next time you pop open that bottle of red and pop in your favourite character flick, ask yourself, “What has Disney done for me?”

-Author Unknown-

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