Thank you, dear Malaysians.

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The ninth of July has come and gone. Malaysians have been awed by the unexpected and unabashed display of courage in the face of challenges. Whilst some deny it was a success and even downplayed the figures and played up the roles of others, I believe the social networks and youtube videos speak nothing but the truth. True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too. Today, tens of thousands created history in their show of unity and dogged determination for clean and fair elections. The world has seen the outpouring of strength of character and fortitude of Malaysians who braved barriers, rain, tear gas and all kinds of hindrances to voice the cry from our hearts.

To all those who were there at the rally, thank you for being there for the rest of us who wanted to go but could not. Some of us were with you in spirit and in our hearts. Because of you and your outward show of courage, in being victorious, you have inspired us beyond imagination.

As for those of you who were there, your presence there has give us the hope and vanquished any doubt or feelings of defeat. You have encouraged us with your courage and and filled the hearts of many with the hope that TOGETHER, we will achieve something better.

Thank you all!!!

The sight of so many Malaysians who came together regardless of class, creed or color is one of the most beautiful moments in history. Walking hand in hand, running for cover with hearts entwined in one hope - simply magnificient.

Thank you all, brave Malaysians, who were there for the rally in Malaysia and in other parts of the world. Thank you for standing in solidarity with us.

That day will come soon - the day when we can see a better nation for all to have a place in the sun - to live, grow and thrive.

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