We Will Get There

Posted by M ws On Friday, July 8, 2011 10 comments
Yesterday, I learnt a precious and painful lesson when I went for my maiden Hash House Harriers run and almost died. I collapsed twice from vertigo and fell down five times, almost smashed my face into a tree trunk when i tripped and fell, got stung by a bee, bitten by ants, suffered from dehydration, ended up with scratches on my hands even though I wore a long sleeved top and now I can hardly walk or go down the stairs. I took 4 hrs 15 minutes to complete the trail. Veteran hashers took 2 hrs to 2 hrs 45 minutes.

I wanted to give up.

I cried.

I really did.

There were times when I grabbed branches and got badly cut cos those branches were filled with thorns. Other times I grabbed branches hanging above my head and wondered if they were actually snakes lurking in the dark.

And you know what? When I was going through the pain, the inability to walk any more, when fear gripped my soul (because I had a hiking accident that left me immobile for 3 mths and full recovery took 2 yrs) and vertigo took over when I was walking at the edge of a steep cliff on a sandy slope in the dark, i thought of all those people who pressed on despite challenges, persecution and all kinds of tests and tribulations. All who were incarcerated for their cause. Some for decades.

I thought of war refugees/heroes/heroines and how they persevered.

I thought of Bersih activists and supporters and how they did not give up in spite of all the shit they are facing. It is a different ball game when we are in a real challenging situation.

You know, it takes a lot NOT to give up. Not giving up is more difficult than throwing in the towel.

When we are in trouble, who can really help? Martyrs and many social activists have gone through so much and it is amazing how no matter how dark the day, they clung on, hung on to every vestige of hope they have because of the cause. They just hung on in there and till this point, I am deeply touched by their grit, perseverance and single-mindedness in their cause.

It can be such a long lonely journey. But when together, there can be strength in unity and solidarity.

I was blessed last night cos I had three companions who were so patient with me.I have been on other trails and was scolded left and right for lacking stamina annd for slowing them down.

I kept asking the sweeper runner - how much further? how much longer? I just could not bear the pain and the agony any more. The batteries of our torchlights were getting weaker and at one point we could not find the paper trail. All they said was - we'll get there. Just a little further...don't stop. Same question I asked and I got more or less the same answer. And we walked through the jungle in the dark. Scary.

And when I asked why we never seemed to reach the top? They replied patiently that it was because I was going to slowly - with no admonishment whatsoever. Gently, they said, come, we can make it. You can make it. let's walk a bit faster. Such patient and encouraging mates they are!

And I am truly inspired this evening. With much tears in my eyes, after all the pain, the shock of fainting twice in a night from exhaustion, I made it. I cannot lift my legs and the only parts of my anatomy that are ok are my eyelids and my fingers.

I must have looked a sight - a drama queen hugging the tree and declaring with tears..i have no strength - please send a stretcher. ...but my team-mates just coaxed me to press on and I made it although in over four hours.

Somehow, no matter how difficult, I believe we just have to hang on, be united and persevere to attain that goal of a better nation. Fear can be real but it is all about attitude and faith.

We will get there.

This much I believe. And for those of you who will be there tomorrow, my prayers go with you. I am sorry I cannot be there physically cos my better half did not give his blessings for me to go. But for those of you who will be there - you have my deepest respect and my prayers.

Take care, think positive. Stay safe and I truly believe that one day, we will get there.

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    johnnie lim sorry to hear about your little set back. hope your are going great now. I too had a fall during one of my outdoor activities and hurt my back and suffer the pain for almost a month. But I have good friends who encourage me and even check to see how I was doing from time to time. I learnt something out of the experience too. We only live once and what we set our mind to do , just do it. Yes I survive the ordel, so will Bersih. We will make it yet. Today is a special day. We all owe it to those braves one who are standing in proxy for those who can't make it there in person. God Bless Malaysia.

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    edward Dear MWS,

    If I may say this, there are things that we may not do so well whilst others may excell in them. Each of us is gifted in different ways. What counts is the small contribution we make to the collective good and betterment of society.

    As for hashing...its a mean feat to perform, a punishing test of one's fitness. Without prejudice nor sound patronising I think it was unwise of you to have a go at it without adequate preparation. Now your body is screaming out in protest. Take some Panadol for muscle aches, they work very well.. at least for me. Rest well my friend and fight another day.


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    Cat-from-Sydney Aunty Paula,
    ((((((HUGS))))) Does that feel better? Pardon my sardine breath. Oh well, no need to scold you now. You've learned your lesson, I hope. We're dealing with a very pissed QoTH at home today. Purrrlease check your email. har har har *evil laughs*

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    masterwordsmith Dear Johnnie

    Thanks so much for your upbeat comment. I hope you are alright now. Thanks for your positive response wrt Bersih. Like you, I could not be there but I am very thankful to our fellow Malaysians who showed up bravely to voice their concerns for clean and fair elections. We will get there one day. Take care and God bless you and yours always.


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    masterwordsmith Dear Edward

    Great to hear from you again! Actually, I did prepare but not adequately. I did check up to confirm if it was going to be a tough trail and they said it would be medium. Since it was planned by a sixty something year old man, I foolishly thought it would be a breeze. And so I went hoping to have a great time but alas, the old phobias came back. Idealistic me thought I could exorcise those fears from the past but alas, it is not as easy to do so. Yes, I learnt my lesson and am glad I survived. Thanks so much for your kind and considerate comment and advice. Take care and God bless you and yours always. Do keep in touch,

    Warmest regards

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    patches Wow! I salute you... brave enough to go into the rough terrain.
    I had a dream once and that was to climb Mt Kinabalu. Seriously, ladies I know who don't even go to the gym have done it - and if they can, why can't I? But you know, none of my beloved family wanted to come with me. Until my darling daughter grew up and expressed that dream - to go up Mt Kinabalu. There was a group going up and she joined them, but I couldn't as I had signed up for a trip. I was eager to hear her experience when I came home and she said, mum, you cannot do it - you won't be able to pull yourself up in the dark. So, I asked myself so many times, and i tried to lift myself holding on the window grills - I gave up my dreams. Trust in the Lord.
    At this stage of my life - I ask, so what is my purpose in life?
    When Bersih 2 came along, I decided to join... but my other half said he's not going to visit me in Kamunting. I prayed for the Lord to open the way for me... and one evening he came home and said ok, let's go (a group of his friends suggested this). On the 8th evening, all of them backed out, i asked him, are you still coming? His reply how can i let my wife go on her own? Thank you Lord.
    And i was so humbled by the strength and unity of the Malays, so happy to see our "ONEMalaysian" youth taking their place in the rally and those so committed to lead and organize "Hidup hidup..."
    My hope is that what the PM so called silent majority" will put aside their fear and self interest and come out should there be a next rally for a clean, fair, humanitarian government.

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    Bunny if god had wanted you to run he would have given you sneakers when you were born ..... like fung keong if you can remember that far back.

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    masterwordsmith Dear Angelina

    Big hugs back to you!! Thank you so much for this comforting message and the email. I hope all is well now. Take care and I will talk to yo soon!


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    masterwordsmith Dear Patches

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing so sincerely. It was a very tough and precious experience and I am glad to have come out of it alive. A friend of mine, a retired nurse, gave me the third degree after he found out about my 'adventure'.

    I doubt I can even make it to Penang Hill on foot now :-(. Have to really regain my stamina. The hours in front of the laptop has led to a sedentary lifestyle, not a healthy one at all.

    It would be my pleasure to put up your experiences at Bersih 2.0 in my humble blog. Do feel free to write on it and you can mail it to mwsmithunplugged@gmail.com

    Indeed God is good and I am glad He protected you and all who were at the rally.

    Take care and God bless you. Please keep in touch.

    Warmest regards

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    masterwordsmith Hi Bunny

    Yes, I remember Fung Keong. Are you also a baby boomer? I wore Fung Keong shoes to play volleyball and basketball. We did not have fancy shoes/brands such as Reebok or Nike.

    Thanks so much for reading my blog and sharing your delightful responses. Take care and have a great week ahead!


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