When The Sun Sets On My Life

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The following is a poem written by reader Khoo Soo Hay to commemorate the demise of one of the well beloved Christian Brother Teachers of St. Xavier's Institution, Penang, who died on 17th September 1999. His name was Bro. Ulrick Currie who used to teach English. He became blind for many years before he passed away. This was composed on 19.09.1999. Thank you Soo Hay, for sharing this poem with us.

"When the Sun Sets On My Life"
written by Khoo Soo Hay

When the sun sets on my life,
When I can no longer feel
The rain drops on my head,
Nor see the stars at night,
Then shall I feel no more
The cool breeze from the sea,
Nor hear the lapping waves at the shore,
On the beach at Batu Ferringhi.

When the sun sets on my life.
When I can no longer walk
The familiar hill paths
Because trees are cut down,
Giving way to concrete -
Hills erode, landslides abound,
Condos tumble, leaving people homeless,
All because of greed and self-interest.

When the sun sets on my life.
When I can no longer see
George Town from Penang Hill,
Nor the Bridge or Kedah Peak,
Or the Butterworth ferry
Steaming across the placid channel.
These are all fading images,
Caused by moneyed tycoons and haze.

When the sun sets on my life.
When I can no longer breathe
The air from Gurney Drive
To Waterfall Garden,
Nor see monkeys swinging,
Or hear birds singing.
Then its time to leave this emerald isle,
They still call the Pearl of the Orient.

Penang must have been a very beautiful island for the late Bro. Ulrick Currie, who I believe came from Sri Lanka, after the War. He came, he taught, he loved and he laid down his bones on the island and the students he loved so much. Such is life, in one's life time, to be recognized and remembered. To God he gave his duty and his life. At least I remembered him.

*Khoo Soo Hay's collection of poetry has been published in his book entitled, "In Ancient Ayuthia". Please leave a comment if you wish to purchase his book. Thanks!

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