Is This History or His Story?

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Many historians would probably not only have turned in their graves, but would have miraculously risen from the dead had they read Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's statement here that said Malaysian history as currently taught in schools was inaccurate. The rationale he gave was that "it failed to provide proper context of the country’s fight for independence".

Having worked hard to achieve an A1 for my History @ MCE level, I feel deeply shocked that the former PM said:

“Many from the younger generation do not understand history and the origin of the nation, as there were attempts to alter historical facts into fantasy.”


Born on 10th July 1925, TDM was Malaysia's longest serving Prime Minister having served 22 years from 1981 to 2003. With a political career that spanned almost 40 years, he never said anything about this, especially since he was Minister of Education from 1974-1978. If he truly has the welfare of the nation and the perspective of the 'younger generation' at heart, why did he keep quiet when he had the political platform to do it then? Why is he making such a serious allegation that puts many into a quandary with regards to their credibility and expertise after EIGHT YEARS of retirement? Did he only JUST see the 'light'? Why now?

Is TDM thus questioning the effectiveness of the Ministry of Education and all the past Ministers of Education including:

TDM himself who was Minister of Education 1974-1978 (Read this)
Y.B. Tan Sri Musa Bin Hitam (1978-1981)
Y.B. Tan Sri Amar Dr.Sulaiman Bin Hj.Daud (1981-1984)
Y.A.B. Dato Seri Abdullah Bin Hj.Ahmad Badawi (1984-1986)
Y.B. Dato' Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim (1986-1991)
Y.B. Tan Sri Amar Dr.Sulaiman Bin Hj.Daud (1991-1995)
Y.A.B Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak (1995-1999)
Y.B. Tan Sri Dato' Seri Musa Bin Mohammad (1999-2004)
Y.B. Dato' Sri Hishamuddin bin Tun Hussein (2004-2009)
Y.A.B Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd Yassin (2009 - kini) (Source: This site)

With his latest outburst, he has practically rewritten history that we have learnt. It is His Story!

Does this mean famous historians, textbook writers, history majors in universities, teaching staff at universities/schools/colleges and higher institutions of learning including students, graduates etc have to UNLEARN everything that they have learnt/written or studied because this 'fantasy' was only highlighted NOW?

And it has taken Dr Mahathir THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS to highlight this 'fantasy' issue.

Who is the one living in a world of  'fantasy'  all this while?

The Malaysian Insider report also stated that "National Professors’ Council (MPN) has taken the debate further by claiming that Malaya, the precursor to Malaysia, was never colonised by the British Empire and had merely been a protectorate."

The report also stated that Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin said the current History syllabus in schools was in need of review. Why?

According to TDM, “The government needs to focus on what really transpired so that writings on the country's history would not be influenced by current political interests... History is all about what had happened, and we cannot change that... whatever happened in the past, had happened."

By that measure, is he questioning the credibility and veracity of the works of Frank Swettenham, Joginder Singh Jessy, DJ Tate, D.G.E. Hall and other notable historians who have written history books which have been the syllabus for Malaysian schools for decades?

The fact that the years after the Japanese surrendered, the British Military administration ruled Malaya proves that it was a British and not Malayan government. Whose face is on the following stamp? I rest my case.

So what is it that really needs to be changed? Change is IMPERATIVE! Let's make it happen at the next GE!!

Recommended reading:

1. "Britain is distorting history" - an excellent satirical piece by RPK that highlights the levity and ludicrousness of TDM's statement!

2. Dr Mahathir: History Subject in Schools Not Accurate

10 comments to Is This History or His Story?

  1. says:

    UP41 Sigh!!!! I do agree that our history text books in school need to be reviewed but definitely not by the current administration and education ministry.

    I almost faint when I scan through the lower secondary school history text recently. There is zero on the Ottoman Empire & Age of Discovery which affected the spice trade and Melaka. There is no mentioned of French Revolutions & Industrial Revolutions. I think students who gone through these "histoy" will think Melaka/Malaya was the centre of universe and develop a frog in well vision of the world.

    And if one without any knowledge of the real history and compare the words or texts used to describe the Japanese armies and communists , one would thought the Japanese armies were angel compare to the MCP.

    I wonder a person's selective amnesia could affect a person's understanding of history on formation of Malaya / Malaysia as well as the recent history of judicial scandals .


  1. says:

    Eric Mudasi An old document of District Court Penang (Straits Settlements) attached with 5 cents King George VI
    Date Stated: 9th December 1939

  1. says:

    Eric Mudasi 1955 Singapore Malaya stamp.jpg

    After the surrender of the Japanese Occupation forces at the end of World War II, Singapore and Malaya were administrated by the British Military Administration (BMA). Free postage was implemented for a short period from 17 Sept 1945 till 18 Oct 1945. On 19 Oct 1945, Straits Settlements stamps overprinted B.M.A. MALAYA were issued for postal use. These stamps were used will 1948, when the first Singapore stamps were issued.

  1. says:

    Eric Mudasi They should dedicate a stamp to Tajuddin Ramli:

    ...just saying

  1. says:

    Eric Mudasi The 1944 “Rebirth” stamps series from the Japanese Occupation period of Malaya.

  1. says:

    Eric Mudasi Queen Elizabeth on a Pahang Stamp!B13qRjgEGk~$(KGrHqIOKjwE)oGHglZJBMgM24o0DQ~~_3.JPG

  1. says:

    Eric Mudasi 600 years of Malaysia-China relationship (马中交往六百周年)stamp issued in 2005

  1. says:

    KS Cheah MWS, can't you see that anarchy currently reigns in Malaysia? It is a free for all and even history can change before our very eyes. The country needs to confront its past before it can move forward and we as a society have been fed so much BS which repeated so often have become fact. The country was hijacked by UMNO after 1969 and the social re-engineering started with the NEP and the Penerapan Nilai2 Islam policy of Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim later. Now, anybody can say anything and it seems nobody will know for sure what is what anymore.

  1. says:

    Poh Dear Masterwordsmith,

    Do you know why our Education Policy has been designed such? It is to ensure that the products of the system has zero analytical mind. They were taught not to question and research. Hence, to these people, whatever the leaders say it must be correct and true. This is to ensure that the party or leaders are in power for as long as possible.

  1. says:

    ahoo I'm not surprise at all with this grand master of the most selfish kind. He decides what is truth and untruth. What is history to him when even the sacred constitution can be amended at will ? Even the judiciary that was supposed to be independent was hijacked by him to be dependent upon him.

    Just to complain about his excesses can be written into volumes. A confident trickster of the Malays and also a great pretender. Selective amnesia at chosen will and was vicious to those crossed him and will sell out our country for his own power as seen from the debacle of Sabah.

    It was this old mamak that started the ball rolling by taking English out of the educational system as he knew that to compete on level playing field the Malays will take ages to catch up with the rest of Malaysians.

    First, GCE was replaced by local MCE and later converted to SPM and the rots started till to date. Instead of learning English, Manglish started to place its place. With external exams, the standard of marking was not compromised but with inhouse marking all sort of manipulation started just to "manufacture passes of the highest grade" to please the school head and of course the education minister.

    In order to stay in power and to continue plundering the nation's wealth, they do not want the people at large to be wise. Thus, they dished out policies on education to let the people remain poorly educated. In so doing they with their overseas educated children can continue the umno's dynasty.

    They had have perfected the art of politiking and we must not allow such a regime to continue to rule over this nation depraving our children their dignity in this blessed land. Vote them out to restore justice in this beloved nation.

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