A Special Poem

Posted by M ws On Thursday, September 1, 2011 1 comments
Sodomy II
These days the mouth has rested.
While its lower end is in the news.
The upper aperture has surrendered
To its cousin below, so named Anus,
Quibbling as whose semen was it
That penetrated the sewerage channel,
Looking for the DNA for a right fit
That must not, the court befuddle.
For all the words that come out from the top
Cannot drown what supposedly went in.
Some said it was possibly a lollipop.
But what cannot be disputed was something went in,
Could it be self inflicted for effect?
For one's own pleasure, or for a third party
With oodles of goodies, never ending to collect,
From the likes of Warren Buffet or J.P.Getty?
Who is speaking the truth, the bare truth?
One who did the penetration,
Or the one who before the Book took an oath?
Or was it just a political fixation
To have a young political naivete
Succumb to a power conspiracy
From one with a high elitist resume
That must eventually end with a fall of a dynasty,
One way or the other.

-written by Sukrates, a blog reader and subscriber-
*Readers are always welcome to send in their poems, articles, thoughts etc to my email at mwsmithunplugged@gmail.com

1 comments to A Special Poem

  1. says:

    romblonwriter It's quite political, but poetry has a way of sinking in the message better than ordinary prose.

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