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vicious wordswordswords strung together

raining down slivers of slanders

with waggles of the tongues in frothed mouths

severing the ties between man and morality

giving birth to a pack of lies

swearing upon the Holy Book

bearing false witness in a solemn tone

a sinful act that cannot be atoned

look! look into the fidgeting eyes

a slimy pit of a thousand lies

lies told with a cynical smile

with text taken from a blatant concocted transcript

listen to the baseless allegations

the stains could be seen between broken lines

it was the lie of the apple that shackled man

lies sung in concerted rhymes

tap-danced malice on every tongue

moral turpitude with distorted attitude

truth undressed and under duress

lies lie comfortably in slanted i

-Written by Koonoon-

* Thanks to one of my regular readers who sent me this poem via email.

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