Debate: Edmund Bon Vs Tan Keng Liang

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It all started when Gerakan Youth leader Tan Keng Liang twitted about Public Assembly Bill 2011 and many, including Steven Aroki and Edmund Bon, were engaging him in the exchange. His tweets were very well written and there were some who alleged it was scripted. As such, Steven jumped at the chance to issue a challenge to Tan Keng Liang and Edmund, knowing full well that Edmund would take up the challenge.

             Edmund Bon                                                                                  Tan Keng Liang

Surprise, surprise! Tan Keng Liang also accepted the challenge!

The debate will be on 11th December, 2011 at 2.30p.m. @ Pusat Rakyat. Location map is AT THIS LINK.

This debate will be moderated by Wan Saiful from Ideas. Please come to this event and listen to the battle of minds on the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011!

You can follow this thread on twitter and RT #edmundbondebatestankengliang #pa2011

Tan Keng Liang shot to 'fame' for his remark about expectant mothers who are ADUNs.

In a press release early this year, MP Teresa Kok said:

I am appalled by Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang's snide and sexist remark that Hannah Yeoh, ADUN for Subang Jaya, who is currently pregnant, will become unfit to serve as ADUN.

At 5.18pm today, he wrote on his Twitter, "Would u choose @jezlai or @hannahyeoh which will be on maternity leave soon (as the ADUN for Subang Jaya in the upcoming elections)?" Source:

His remarks are an insult to women and mothers everywhere and most disgraceful coming from a Gerakan leader at that.

Despite having been told off by dozens of Malaysians on Twitter, Tan remains pigheaded and continues to defend his statement, which is telling of how intensely chauvinistic he is towards women.

He had better remember that women make up 49% of Malaysia's population. Should he aspire to be an elected representative, he has the moral duty to serve male and female constituents equally and without prejudice.
On 5th January, NST carried a report which said:

BUTTERWORTH: Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said he had clarified the alleged "sexist message" he made on Twitter with Hannah Yeoh, the pregnant DAP Subang Jaya assemblyman almost immediately.

He will therefore not entertain demands from Pakatan Rakyat politicians to apologise over the Sunday tweet.

Edmund Bon is a well-known lawyer cum activist and a prime mover of UndiMalaysia. Edmund has been elected to the Bar Council on three occasions now. His passion and industry in all his duties both in his profession and activism is an inspiration to many.

He served as Chair of the National Young Lawyers Committee (NYLC) for two terms (2006-2008), and is in his second term as Chair of the Human Rights Committee (HRC). As the Chairman of the Bar Council's Human Rights Committee, Edmund Bon was arrested after stopping some officers from the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) from removing banners and placards hung on the premises of the Bar Council Secretariat in December 2007.

For sure, one can expect a lively debate at this event which is a good exposure for Pusat Rakyat and for member to get donations to keep the centre going in its endeavours. Remember - we have a date on 11th December, 2011 at 2.30pm @  Pusat Rakyat.

*This post was written based on email exchanges in UndiMalaysia.

2 comments to Debate: Edmund Bon Vs Tan Keng Liang

  1. says:

    ted I remember the film "Junior" where Arnold Schwarzenegger got pregnant. Maybe this chap is the offspring. That may explain his disrespect for a woman's natural role.

  1. says:

    aawilliam By Looking at both two faces......we already know who is the "TOH SOI KAH".Edmund !!!! NO mercy for him.Skin him alive,like how we skin biawak.

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