She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

Posted by M ws On Thursday, December 1, 2011 2 comments
The following video clip is a non-commercial attempt to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless 'consumers' are combining to destroy life on earth.

It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network.

Content credit: The principal source for the footage was Yann Arthus-Bertrand's incredible film HOME . The music was by Armand Amar. Thank you too Greenpeace and Timescapes.

CLICK HERE to watch this fantastic video!

2 comments to She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

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    joshua.w Dear MWS,

    The earth is so beautiful. Makes one wonder why on earth would humans want to destroy their home just to enrich themselves. Some people say the world don't need us human; and that she would be better off without us.

    But i don't quite agree. A philosopher once said "if a leaf falls to the ground in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?" If humans are not here, who (or what) other will appreciate and love the beauty that is our mother earth? i doubt other life forms in this world would appreciate its beauty the way we do. It could be that we need each other to realize how beautiful life really is.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Joshua

    What a wonderful response to this beautiful video!! Thank you for such a thoughtful comment that demonstrates much love and sensitivity to our environment.

    Take care and hope to see more of your thoughts and musings here.

    Have a great week ahead!


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