A Refreshing Connection

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I started my teaching stint at Uplands International School in 1987. It was quite an experience to teach my first group of Sociology and Economics students. One young man whom I remember clearly till today is Jarno S. He stood out from the rest because he dared to be different but I never doubted that he is a special and highly intelligent character.

A few months ago, I managed to reconnect with Jarno, thanks to Facebook. Twenty-four years is a long time to have lost touch and yet, both of us never forgot the other. It has been a very interesting journey to reconnect with him as we would leave our comments occasionally on each other's walls in response to status updates.

Recently, I came across one of his updates which moved me so deeply. He wrote:

Sleep well everyone. And when you get up... rub those dreams into your eyes. Listen to that intuitive seed inside of your self. Yes, quieten down... listen. It grows it knows it shows. Don't build a wall. This plant belongs to the soul jungle, it grows over walls, through them, everywhere, every when. Trust, dive deep.

In response, I wrote to him and invited him to share his thoughts and writings in this blog. This evening, he sent a very positive response and we managed to have a brief FB chat where I encouraged him to write more and to try to get his works published. I was completely intrigued by the wonderful transformation and asked him to tell me more about himself.

Jarno and the boys with whom he goes to the forest once a week to make huts swing on tree swings. One of his friends said, "All boys need a Jarno!"

He said that he has been collecting his writings over the years, must be 20 years worth. And when I asked if he had gone through very deep experiences as could be seen from his writings, he said that he works in a tea shop. He went on to say:

I have been working on my roots all these years. Shoots here and there. More or less a jack of all trades becoming a master of myself. I am ready to bloom now. Like I said, I've been doing a lot of inner work...just through living and learning. 
Life is the book of which every day is an open page. One needs live that fully without wanting to rush to the ending. Doing that well, one reaches the end well. Answers and clarity trickle in. Those answers get modified and fine-tuned and clarity gets clearer if one remains open and honest with oneself and others. The deep journey. 
I've been a cleaner, I've made little exhibitions, did the Christmas market with self made driftwood candle stands, abseiled down tall buildings to clean the windows having to try to rescue a fellow worker who fell and died.....
I've seen quite a few different things. most of all what kept me going again and again was writing and creative work. also a trust that all this was a preparation for me, a tilling for the harvest... 
I feel the time is really here and I am ready to dive head first into it... There have been numerous thorns in this rose garden.... I'm ready for more roses. Your honest open no holding back comments are a balsam for my soul, I thank you dearly... they are food for the journey...

Very beautifully written with much depth, lucidity and sincerity! I will be featuring his writings here whenever he sends them to me. Jarno, I am very proud of you!!!

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