Mae Toi and Suthasinee Noinn

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I go through phases in my life as I get bored easily :-). The only one activity that has sustained my interest for the longest time is blogging. :-) The past few months have seen be dabbling in video production and then photo-editing/art followed by baking and cooking not forgetting reading e-books online.

Last week, I started to watch short films in YouTube hence my post on "Validation" which you can read HERE.

This evening, I came across this YouTube video clip of Mae Toi which you can watch AT THIS LINK.

I read most of the comments in the YouTube channel and realized that the story of Mae Toi is real. Subsequently, I googled for her name and discovered a lot of inspiring and fascinating information which I would like to share with you this evening.

Mae Toi's real name is Suthasinee Noyinn. Since she graduated, Mae Toi has been working with charities on a voluntary basis.

Ms. Suthasinee Noiin, more commonly known as 'Mae Toi', is the founder and initiator of the "Home for aids orphans". Presently, she is hospitalized in Ubon with cancer.

For more than 20 years, she has worked with the unprivileged children. Even though she is struggling with cancer, Mae Toi is still a good social worker, with a good heart, and soldiers on to devote herself to children and adults with HIV & Aids, as well as those who suffer from drug addiction.

Mai Toi started a foundation called SUTHASINEE NOIIN FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTHS or "Baan Home Hug" which is "House of Love" in Thai. For over 20 years, this home provided warmth and care for children with H.I.V., abandoned children, some of whom had been forced to be beggars and some who were victims of sexual abuse.

The late Norwegian friend of Mai Toi, Atle Bratteli, set up THIS WEB SITE for Mai Toi when he realized the home needed clothing, food, toys, furniture etc and volunteers.

According to this site, Mai Toi said "Baan Home Hug is a warm house for children in need and helpless. We live together with love and scantiness. Right now I had sold all of my property together with donation are still not enough to feed 104 lives. The children take care of each other here is like brothers-sisters, They have to grow vegetables and feed on insects to survive. But due to drought here, there's only enough water to shower but not to water the plants."

We may not be like Mae Toi but in our own little ways, let us reach out to those in need and offer our resources, money or assistance. We only have one life. Let us make it count!


If you wish to make a donation to Mai Toi's Home, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thank you!

If you have time, you might want to check out another Thai video AT THIS LINK or perhaps this SHORT VIDEO CALLED SIGNS.

If you prefer something that can make you smile, check out THE ELEVATOR - a short comedy film by Greg Glienna, the creator of Meet the Parents, A Guy Thing and Relative Strangers.

If you are an emo junkie like me :-), please watch THIS VIDEO CLIP - guaranteed to bring on the tears, especially with its moving soundtrack. You may also want to watch THIS ONE about a loving father.

Have a pleasant evening! Do share some links of clips that have touched you!

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