Real Life Jokes about SIRI (iPhone 4s)

Posted by M ws On Sunday, February 12, 2012 2 comments
Do you have the iPhone4s? I don't. But my son has it. When my boy came back for the Chinese New Year celebrations, we had many hilarious episodes with Siri.

One evening, we were on our way to a friend's house for a CNY dinner....

Me: Son, can you show me what Siri can do?

Son: Sure, Mom. Siri, call Mom.

Siri: I am sorry. I don't see Mom in the directory.

Son: Call Paula Khoo.

Siri: I am sorry. I also don't see Paula Khoo in the directory.

Son: Call Mom's handphone.

Siri: Which handphone? (*I have two numbers.)

Son: Just call. I don't care!!

Siri: I'm sorry. I don't care is not in the directory.

:-) So much for technology.

This afternoon, I was chatting with a girlfriend in Facebook. I asked her what she had been up to and she said 'playing'.

I said, "Oh - with what?"

Her response: With Siri.

And then she went on to say that she told Siri that he is an idiot to which he responded: "You are entitled to your opinion.

Following that, my friend asked Siri, "Can I sleep with you, Siri?"

Siri replied, "Would u like a list of stores selling beds?"

My friend said, "You are stupid."

And Siri's response was,"I can only understand if u speak UK English. :-)

All this really happened!

Anyway, if you have time, check out this post on Funny Flirting with Siri; the Apple of my iPhone.

If you want MORE laughs, then watch the following videos:

Siri on Raj's iPhone 4S - The Big Bang Theory (I really LOVE this clip hehe A MUST WATCH)

This one is also VERY funny: Raj meets Siri The Big Bang Theory S5x14

Take care and have a lovely evening. Do share your experiences with Siri. :-)

2 comments to Real Life Jokes about SIRI (iPhone 4s)

  1. says:

    rainstorm Yes, is true. SIRI can be quite frustrating but "funny" too. My nieces and I had so much fun testing the SIRI. But once you get the hang of it (or should i say let SIRI get to recognise your voice), is actually quite useful.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear rainstorm

    Yes, many would agree while being tickled by some of Siri's hilarious responses. My son simply loves his iPhone4s but for me, I will certainly stick to my old Sony Ericsson Cybershot haha..

    Great to hear from you! Do take care and keep in touch.

    Have a wonderful day, rainstorm!


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