Beyond Airy Fairy Politics

Posted by M ws On Friday, March 23, 2012 2 comments
Some of us may find it difficult to grow up and give up our hopes, dreams and ideals - especially those who have been fed a staple diet of fairy tales, of princesses and princes living happily together forever. Moving into adulthood once we have the right to vote, some may carry forward the airy fairy feeling into aspirations for the motherland.

In the midst of struggles and strife, we may think some have the magic potion or magic wand they wave to make it work with their brand of political magic, or so we think.

Realistically, the time has come to break the magic spell. We need to look beyond personalities, and branding to see the substance of which these politicians are made.

In the fairy tale world, we had our fair share of encounters with fairies, elves, giants, ogres (see most are :-) male) where the villain is vanquished by knights in shining armors, animals with the gift of speech or suave super heroes that swoop down on earthlings to save the day.

Sadly,in our world conflict exists sans harmony and unity. And how many are the real 'heroes' who can save the day? How many actually do what they pledged to do?

If we just stop to look beyond the fairy tales of old, we can see how the protagonists also had their fair share of struggles eg. right to the throne (The Princess and the Pea), over women (Cinderella), family fortunes (Snow White), promises/covenants that were broken (Rumpelstiltskin), property and inheritance (Beauty and the Beast), class struggles and poverty (Tom Thumb, Jack and the Beanstalk), spells (Shrek) etc etc.

It was not a smooth sailing ride for the characters but the kid in us probably remembered the happy ending and forgot the long journey to liberty that they had to take.

In the same vein, perhaps some of us are like that. We cannot see beyond the surface and we think all is fine and so and so are such brilliant leaders when in reality, they have effective smokescreens/masks or other tricks to delude us.

Yet, we try to make sense of what we see by perceiving the political landscape in line with our hopes and dreams.

All the time, we hope the magical spell will not be broken and the happy ending will come.

Who is to be blamed?

The common folk for having dreams and aspirations that blinded them from seeing the 'heroes' as they are or the main players for deluding us?

Whatever the case, the time has come to cast aside airy fairy politics.

Rumbling, groaning, lambasting etc etc ....ings are completely pointless.

How many are willing to walk the extra mile to do something positive?

And how many are just contented to indulge in verbal diarrhoea?

The truth is very painful and perhaps that is why it is saner to dwell in airy fairy politics, or is it?

Pardon my skepticism. The magic spell has to be broken!

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2 comments to Beyond Airy Fairy Politics

  1. says:

    UP41 Well! well ! Don't worship heroes ! Heroes live in myths.No leaders are without faults. They are afterall human with all the human defeat like you and me. And when ascend to power , power will corrupt them; so don't ever keep them in power for too long, have mercy on them. Bring them down b4 power turns them into devils. Remember also the story of Animal Farm. If we are not careful, revolution will turn freedom to slavely. An' Farm may be a story but it is more real than the newspapers or the history in our history books.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear UP41


    My grateful thanks to you for adding a such a superb response to my post. You hit the nail on the head and I agree with every point that you have highlighted. Thank you so much!

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!


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